I'm Harrison Hough

Game Developer

Who am I?

From a small town in country Australia I grew up playing Nintendo 64, saving princesses in big castles and throwing red shells as I raced around in a go-kart. Fast forward a century (or two) and I am now living the dream making games and applications full time. I am currently living in Estonia working on some amazing mobile applications with a number of personal projects on the side.

I have over 2 years of full time experience working as a full time Unity C# Developer and have been playing games for as long as I remember. While I would say that I specialise in gameplay programming i do a bit of everything as I have worked in smaller studios.

You can find some of my works below. I'm always open to helping out on cool projects so feel free to send me an email.

Contact Me

Here are my projects!

Howl iOS App

Howl - My 3D Avatar Face Emoji

Battle Tanks

A multiplayer battle tank game using Unity’s uNet networking system.

Super Dealer VR

This is a VR game I made for Code Red Marketing.

Asteroids 3D

Asteroids 3D Remake