I'm Harrison Hough

Game Developer

About the project

Battle Tanks

Year of Project: 2019

I wanted to create a multiplayer battle game to learn Unity’s uNet networking system. So I decided to go with a tanks battle game as I knew I could use Unity’s Tanks assets for the prototype. Initially, I created a single player mode first which allowed me to focus on the gameplay and movement mechanics without getting caught up on the networking aspect. After I created the single player mode where the player must survive waves of AI tanks I was able to reuse a lot of the code for the networking player controller and other networking scripts.

Concept: A multiplayer Tank battle game with a top-down camera.

Target Platform: Mobile (iOS, Android), PC  and perhaps Web (later)

Content: All I created all C# scripts and game logic myself. I sourced all the 3D assets from the Unity Tanks package on the asset store. I also sourced the particle effects from a Udemy tutorial. I also used an asset store plugin for the mobile onscreen joysticks.

Aim: Multiplayer Mode: Be the first player to get 10 tank kills
Singleplayer Mode: Survive as long as possible against the spawning AI Tanks

PC: Keyboard and mouse
Mobile: On Screen joysticks (touch)

Skills Used/Learned:

  • C# Scripting
  • Unity development
  • Mobile development
  • Networking using UNet


  • Unity
  • Visual Studio

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